We Have to Go Back

As Jack said to Kate, we have to go back. LOST 2020 is put together with the focus on being a truly LOST experience and also one where fans can connect with other fans to discuss their love for the show.

Will the Cast Be There?

The biggest question we get – will the cast be there? The LOST cast will be invited to LOST 2020.  Their participation depends on several factors, including their filming schedules during the time of our event.

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Additional Tickets and Finale Screening Added to LOST 2020

Additional Tickets and Finale Screening Added to LOST 2020

We have opened the number of tickets available for LOST 2020. However, there still is a maximum limit of 250 attendees at Sacred.. Read More →
Sam’s List for What to Bring to the Island

Sam’s List for What to Bring to the Island

Sam and Lina attended our first event in 2014. I was struck immediately by how much Sam looked like Locke. It was no.. Read More →
Ready to Check In with Oceanic Airlines?

Ready to Check In with Oceanic Airlines?

Get your Oceanic Airlines tickets ready! We’ve added another LOST filming location to the places that will make up LOST 2020. We will.. Read More →

Interesting Stats from LOST 2014

Countries Represented
Days on Oahu

The Thing I Loved Most About LOST 2014

The thing I loved most about LOST2014 was the feeling of being part of group of people that came from all over the world without in most cases having met before to share a common interest in a magical place, and to leave feeling like you'll be part of that group for the rest of your life.- Bill K.
At Lost2014, I loved the Jorge Garcia Q&A and seeing Kate and Sawyer's waterfall but the thing I loved the most was what continued long after we returned from the island. I met so many great Lost fans and it was great to have the common experience of Lost and the Lost2014 event. I have come to know them better in the years since the event and I look forward to meeting more fans in Oct 2017 and spending time with the friends I made from the last gathering.- Susan T.

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