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May 03
Apr 13

LOST Concert is Coming to Los Angeles

Michael Giacchino, the composer behind the incredible, moving music behind LOST, is doing a "We Have to go Back" concert in Los Angeles later this year.  The event will be hosted by LOST Executive Producer's Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof with Michael conducting. Tickets go on sale April 20th. I can't... read more →
Apr 06
Jul 20
Jun 10

Photos from LOST 2014

It's hard to believe it has been almost 9 months since our little adventure on the island. Where does the time go? And more importantly - is it time for LOST 2017 yet? Just 848 days ... not that I'm counting. ;) I'm in the process of working on something... read more →
May 28

Save the Date Postcards

A few weeks ago our friend Ian Knight emailed me with a great idea about LOST 2017 - to send out a postcard to LOST 2014 attendees with a "save the date" theme.  And even better - he had a design he had created that he'd be happy for us to... read more →