Sunday, May 24, 2020 | 3:30pm – 5:30pm (Buses Depart Marriott at 2:30pm)

We’ll be visiting one of LOST’s most iconic filming locations – Camp Erdman which filled in as Dharmaville for the hit show!

While on site we’ll:

  • visit the LOST pods as they are affectionately known … the cabins that were the exteriors for where people like Ben, Juliet and eventually some of the LOSTies lived (in the 70s).
  • stop by the Assembly Hall which filled several roles on the show including the infirmary, check-in area and other locations.
  • walk along the beach in front of the camp.
  • we will also be holding our tattoo contest while on location (see below)!
  • and … we are planning to recreate the purge with a group photo! With all 250 attendees! Talk about a photo op!

Note: The camp is in the process of renovating the cabins this year – so they may not look exactly the same in 2020 as they did on the show. 


All participants going to Dharmaville MUST travel by bus transportation which we are providing. If you have a medical issue that requires you to travel separately, please let us know.

Transportation to/from Dharmaville will be in very comfortable, climate controlled coach buses. They will leave from and return to the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, our host hotel. Departure time is 2:30pm.

LOST Tattoo Contest

We’re finally doing a LOST tattoo contest! Each time we’ve done this event I’ve been so impressed by the LOST-themed tattoos and what better way to take a great look at them then during our celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the show’s finale … and at Dharmaville?

Steve P., whose tattoos are featured in three of the photos here, will be our judge. And don’t worry – there will be different levels! Not everyone has really detailed LOST tattoos. You may just have the numbers, and that’s absolutely fine. You can still enter! Bill K. is also featured here in the upper right hand corner.  There will be prizes for the winners in their categories.

If you don’t have a tattoo, be sure to hang around just to check out some of the incredible artwork on display.  Dude, it’s awesome!

* Please Note: the filming location tours originally had Dharmaville as a stop on the tour (we finalized the tour stops in the summer of 2018.).  The filming location tours, which are a separate fee, are being updated with exciting new location(s) to make up for this change.  You can now see them on the tour page and they are noted with *New 

Thank you to Jo Garfein for the photo!

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