LOST Finale Screening

Friday, May 22, 2020 | 6:00pm – 8:00pm 
Sacred Hearts Academy 

The LOST series finale will be shown in one of the places where it filmed – Sacred Hearts Academy – the church that was featured in the last several minutes of the show. The weekend we will be in town is one of the busiest times for the Academy, so we were not able to time it with the exact date of the finale airing (May 23).  We’re so thankful they were able to squeeze our group in!

Please note that our maximum event capacity of 250 is set due to space limitations at Sacred Hearts Academy.

We will plan to do a second group photo just prior to the showing of the finale episode.  This photo would be available for purchase AFTER the event.  The main group photo, which will be taken at Kualoa Ranch on Thursday, May 21, will be provided to attendees onsite.


* Please note that the showing of the Pilot and Finale episodes are ONLY open to people attending LOST 2020. We are not offering one-off tickets just for these episode screenings as it is part of the arrangement we have to show the episodes.

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