Thursday, May 21, 2020 | 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Kualoa Ranch

Image courtesy of Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch is one of the most recognizable LOST filming locations. Used for many of the show’s infamous walking scenes – it also featured when Hurley and Charlie drove the Dharma bus down the hill, when Charlie told Kate about DriveShaft, when Hurley brought everyone together for a game of golf, where Jacob and the Man in Black discussed leaving the island, where the submarine docked and a A LOT of other scenes.

This made it the perfection location for us to hold our attendees only exclusive screening of the pilot episode of LOST … and one of the locations where it filmed that groundbreaking first episode! But instead of just showing the pilot, we wanted to make use of the ranch. So what else do we have planned?

Leaving for Kualoa

Buses will depart from the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa promptly at 1pm so we can arrive at Kualoa at 2pm.  See below regarding transportation.

LOST Tour of Kualoa

Our day will begin with an exclusive LOST tour of Kualoa Ranch. Custom-designed just for LOST 2020 attendees – this tour is included in your ticket price and features areas of the ranch you would not be able to see on the usual Hollywood Movie Site Tour. Have your cameras ready because there will be some exclusive photo ops you won’t want to miss!

Group Photo #1

We are planning to take two group photos while we are in Hawaii – the first will be taken at a special spot at Kualoa Ranch.

This will be our official group photo and it will be provided to attendees onsite during the closing reception to take home. Unlike previous years, this means one photo is included in your attendee costs and you will leave the event with the photo! You don’t have to wait until after to receive it.

If we are able to take a second group photo at Sacred Hearts Academy, it will be available for purchase after the event.

Welcome Reception & LOST Pilot Screening

Then we’ll head down to the valley for a reception prior to the screening of the LOST pilot! Enjoy delicious food from catered food trucks and then settle in for the event you’ve been waiting for … the LOST pilot screening in the dark at Kualoa Ranch.  Don’t mind me if I run when I hear the smoke monster!

We will have a limited amount of adirondack and beach chairs – but the bulk of the seating will be roll out blankets for ground seating so you really get a LOST feel. The chairs should be used for people in need. If you do have a fold-out chair from your AirBnB, we will have limited space that you can bring them on the bus.


Transportation to and from the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa to Kualoa Ranch is provided. The Ranch has asked that unless it’s absolutely required, no one drive to the ranch due to the onsite travel that we will be doing. If you must drive yourself, please contact me at to discuss arrangements.

Attire / What to Bring

We recommend that you dress in light clothing (shorts, t-shirts) and sneakers as there will be light walking.

We recommend bringing the following:

  • a bottle of water for early in the day (we’ll have water for the reception)
  • bug spray
  • camera / extra camera card
  • sunglasses / hat (it can be very sunny at Kualoa ranch)
  • name badge MUST be worn at all times at Kualoa or you will not have access to the tour, reception or screening

* Please note that the showing of the Pilot and Finale episodes are ONLY open to people attending LOST 2020. We are not offering one-off tickets just for these episode screenings as it is part of the arrangement we have to show the episodes. Badges will be checked for access and there will be security at these events.

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