Daniel Roebuck has spent over 3 decades building an impressive resume chuck full of blockbuster films (THE FUGITIVE), kids movies (AGENT CODY BANKS), horror movies (HALLOWEEN 2), faith-based movies (LET THERE BE LIGHT), TV movies (NEW YORK PRISON BREAK THE SEDUCTION OF JOYCE MITCHELL), video games (LA NOIRE, DEAD RISING 3) and television series (MATLOCK, LOST).

In fact, Roebuck has been in the business for so long that he stars, currently, on a medium that didn’t even exist when he became an actor, the internet (MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE)!

Roebuck has guest starred on so many Television shows the list of what he hasn’t been on is shorter than the list of what he has been on! Most recently that “has been on” list would include every CSI (at least once), CRIMINAL MINDS, JANE THE VIRGIN, ROSEWOOD and countless others.

He has portrayed hundreds of people, including a couple of famous ones like Jay Leno (THE LATE SHIFT) and Garry Marshall (BEHIND THE CAMERA; THE UNTOLD STORY OF MORK AND MINDY).

Although he has fulfilled nearly every dream of his childhood – like appearing in MAD MAGAZINE, becoming a TOY and a HALLOWEEN MASK, having his mug on a few TRADING CARDS – Roebuck refuses to retire and continues to work as one of Hollywood’s busiest character actors!

Daniel Roebuck has also produced and directed many documentaries and films including, CHRISTMAS IS HERE AGAIN, A TIMELESS LOVE and GIVE TIL IT HURTS. He recently made his feature film directing debut with this movie, a film he also co-wrote, produced and in which he stars.

Daniel is extremely excited to see what the future holds. He and his producing partner and wife, Tammy Roebuck have a number of projects on the horizon including ZOMBIE MAN, ROCKET BOY and the next film he plans to direct, THE HAIL MARY.