LOST Rewatch: Season 1

Each week I’ll be watching an episode of LOST as we count down to the series final in May 2020.  It’s so hard to only watch one episode a week (I love to binge watch episodes!) but writing episode flashbacks helps.

Click on an episode below to read my flashback.  The date in front notes the date I’m watching the episode.  If the link is not there yet, I’ve not yet watched the episode.

Keep in mind – if you’ve not yet watched LOST, there will be spoilers in these flashbacks.

Season 1

4.15.18 Pilot, Part I and II
4.22.18 Tabula Rasa
4.28.18 Walkabout
5.5.18 White Rabbit
5.12.18 House of the Rising Sun
5.19.18 The Moth
5.26.18 Confidence Man
6.2.18 Solitary
6.9.18 Raised by Another
6.16.18 All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
6.23.18 Whatever the Case May Be
6.30.18 Hearts and Minds
7.7.18 Special
7.14.18 Homecoming
7.21.18 Outlaws
7.28.18 In Translation
8.4.18 Numbers
8.11.18 Deus Ex Machina
8.18.18 Do No Harm
8.25.18 The Greater Good
9.1.18 Born to Run
9.8.18 Exodus Part I and II