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Tickets & Fees

How do I register for LOST 2020?

LOST 2020 has been canceled due to the COVID-19 virus. The rest of the questsions in the FAQ are left here as they were.

What is the cancellation policy?

There are no refunds for LOST 2020 registration/ticket fees. Please do not book unless you plan to attend.

If you’d like, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. We just need to know the name.

What is the child ticket policy?

All children between the ages of 5 – 17 years of age must have a paid ticket.  Children must be accompanied at all times by an adult and be wearing their badge to access events.

Children ages 4 and under are free of charge.  We do ask that you let us know they are attending so we can create a badge for them.  Send an email to kelley@thelostcon.com when you register with their name.

Please note that minors will not be able to attend the O’Toole’s event as it’s being held at a bar which only permits people 21 and over.

Also, the filming location tour rates are separate from our fees so their ticket policy is different.

I’ve attended previous events and notice the price is higher this year. Why is that?

It’s simply because we’re doing more (click here to view the schedule). This increase reflects the number and type of venues we are renting for 2020 as well as the scale of the types of events we are holding. We are also paying to bring in cast in 2020. During our 2014 event, Jorge Garcia donated his time. Finally – overall costs have also increased in the 6 years since the first event, as have taxes in Hawaii.

What do my fees cover?

They cover:

  • Talent (cast) costs (flights, hotels, appearance fees and incidentals)
  • Venue costs
  • Vendor costs
  • Food & beverage costs
  • Audio / visual costs
  • Licensing fees for episode screenings
  • Production costs for episode screenings
  • Exclusive LOST 2020 attendee tour of Kualoa Ranch
  • Transportation to/from Kualoa Ranch
  • One group photo per attendee taken at Kualoa Ranch
  • Visit to Dharmaville
  • Transportation to/from Dharmaville
  • Other miscellaneous costs

Not included in your fees are the filming location tours, evening at O’Toole’s and second group photo print are separate. Also, you are responsible for your own lodging, food which is not part of the event, travel (air, car, etc.) and any other travel expenses you may incur as part of this trip.

Where do the fees from the event go?

All of the fees from the event go 100% to event costs. From big things like venues, audio/visual, food/beverage, talent (cast) costs, the screens for the screenings of the pilot/finale to small things like the name badges or welcome bags – it is all covered by the fees.

What happens if you open up more ticket sales? What will the budget surplus be used for?

First – it is my hope that we are able to show the finale at Sacred Hearts Academy as tentatively scheduled. Which will limit us to 250 attendees.

However, if we do open up more ticket sales those extra funds will go to getting more cast (which covers flights, hotels, appearance fees and incidentals). I already have spoken with several who are interested in attending, but can’t confirm until we are closer to the event due to their schedules.

If following the event there is money left over (unlikely, but possible) – as before in 2014, it will be donated to Cancer Gets Lost.


Will the cast be attending in 2020?

Yes! Nestor Carbonell, Andrew Divoff and Daniel Roebuck are scheduled to join us for our Q&A and Autograph Session. We are also talking with several other cast members about attending and if there are any changes we will share those as we get closer to the event.

I’m not going on the filming location tours. What should I do during this time?

Consider it free time! All attendees pay the same fee and have this as “down time” during the event – you can pay to go on the tours or you can do something else on the island. There’s a lot to see and do.

I’ve always enjoyed going on the filming location tours with other attendees – even though I’ve done them before – because there’s something special about seeing those locations with other LOSTies. Including people who are new to our event!

I am going on the filming location tour and did not get a print out to bring with me. What should I do?

As long as you’re wearing your LOST 2020 name badge, you’re all set! They will have a check-in list at the buses and match that with the name on your badge. Show them your badge and you’ll be able to board the bus.


What do I need to bring for check-in? Where is it?

Be sure to print out your tickets from Eventbrite (they were sent to you via email) and also bring your license or passport.

Attendee check-in will take place Thursday, May 21 from 8am – 10am at the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa, our host hotel.  Room location will be posted here as we get closer and also sent to you via email.